Welcome to the Webwright Page

The Kingdom Webwright is
The Deputy Webwright is Dame Iseabail inghean Bhaltair
The Deputy Webwright in charge of the Online Calendar is THL Ketill rauðskeggr
The Deputy Webwright of G Suite is Lord Magnus Björnsson
The Deputy Webwright of Databases and Forms is Master Rowen Killian

If you wish to volunteer we can always use your assistance.


Caid Webwright’s Handbook (11/10)
Updated to reflect new forms.
PDF – 485kb
Society Webminister Handbook (6/11) PDF – 1.7mb
Personal Information Release (5/10)
This Release form is for use of Personal Information on websites & within newsletters.
PDF – 320kb
Society Release Forms Letter (9/10)
This is a letter from the Society Publications Manager
PDF – 45kb
Society Release Forms Frequently Asked Questions/FAQ (12/10)
This is a letter from the Society Publications Manager
PDF – 173kb
Society Model Release (9/10)
This is a form for the subjects within a photograph to complete
PDF – 45kb
Society Photographer Release(12/10)
This is a form for the photographer to complete
PDF – 62kb
Society Creative Works Release (9/10)
This is a form to be completed for non-photographic works
PDF – 45kb
Agreement to Serve (1/10)
This form is to be completed prior to an officer being warranted. This form can also be completed online and printed.
PDF – 668kb