Award Recommendations

PLEASE NOTE: There has been a change to the process for award recommendations to polling orders. If you wish to recommend someone for membership in the Orders of Chivalry, Laurel, Defense, Vanguard of Honor, Golden Lance, or Chiron, click on the appropriate link below to send an email to the secretary of that Order. Your missive will also be forwarded to the Crown. In your email, please include all information requested below, and please do your best to provide enough details in your justification section to allow each Order to have an informed discussion on your recommendation.

If you wish to recommend someone for membership in the Order of the Pelican, please send an e-mail letter to the Secretary of
Please be sure to include as much detail in the letter as possible, including (but not limited to) offices held, accomplishments, involvement in events, etc. Also, please be sure to include the recipient’s Society name, their home group, a photo of them, their gender, your name, and your contact information. If you wish to recommend someone for any other award given in Caid, please fill out the below fields and click “Submit” when you are finished.