Caid Disaster Relief Information Center

Disaster Preparedness

If you need assistance please contact 

In case of a fire or other disaster, if the authorities tell you to evacuate, do it.  Stuff can be replaced, people can’t.  My job is to monitor disasters, provide up to date information, and keep track of people who are in danger or evacuate.  Never hesitate to contact me with any questions during a disaster.  It is normal to want to help when you know that your friends and family may be affected, but please save offers of assistance until the crisis is over, and it can be determined if anything is needed.  Most people in the SCA already have close friends or family that are willing to give them a place to stay, and if they don’t, I will post the need.


The following is my evacuation checklist.  I suggest printing a copy, personalizing it, and posting it somewhere out of the way, such as on the inside of a kitchen cabinet.


__ Health insurance card

__ Car insurance card

__ House deed

__ Vehicle Titles

__ Marriage license

__ Insurance papers

__ Tax papers

__ Birth certificates

__ Drivers’ licenses

__ Legal documents

__ Checkbook along with any blank checks

__ Complete bank account information.

__ All prescription medication

__ Cel phones with chargers

__ Personal Digital Assistant (PDA)

__ Computer backup disks

__ Computers (time permitting)

__ Family heirlooms

__ Family photos

__ Original Artwork or out of print books

__ Clothing and toiletries to last up to a week (a hamper of dirty clothes usually has everything you need, if

you are in a hurry)

__ Pet food, or have a place already arranged that you can take your pet.

It is normal to rush to help people after a disaster, but please be patient.  Following a disaster, many people are in a state of shock, and are in no state to handle assistance that may not be useful.  If they have lost their home, first comes finding a new place to live, and immediate needs are met best using gift cards or cash donations.  If their home is damaged, strong backs, tools, cleaning supplies, water, and ready to eat meals (for people and pets) are also useful.  Other donations of stuff are sometimes useful later, but should be directly requested items that are not far away, and they probably won’t be ready for those until later.  Once they get settled, and their immediate needs are taken care of, SCA items are likely to be the most useful donations, because you can’t just pick them up at the store.


In service,


Caiden Disaster Relief Coordinator