Adam I & Stæina I

Their Royal Majesties Adam I & Stæina I

Per pale vert and sable semy of oak leaves argent Per pale vert and sable semy of oak leaves argent


Their Majesties:
Adam and Stæina
Countess Leonora Morgana
Deputy Chamberlain:
Baroness (Mistress) Colette de Montpellier
Chief Lady In Waiting:
Mistress Cara Michelle DuValier
Deputy Chief Lady In Waiting:
Baroness Fara MacGregor
Captain of the Royal Guard:
Lord Brenainn Freobeorn
Guard Lieutenant:
Lord Constantine mac Gavin mec Dhomhnuill
Mistress of the Wardrobe:
Viscountess Whilja de Gothia


Adam Stæina
Food Likes Healthy Choices, Potatoes, Chicken, Citrus, Green veggies Healthy choices, strawberries
Dislikes Tomato, Dairy (technically it doesn’t like him. Small amounts okay) Tomato soup, Turnips, cooked spinach
Beverages Likes Everything but IPA and Tomato Juice Tea, water, mead, strawberry lemonade
Dislikes IPA, Tomato Juice Allergic to beer, Tomato Juice, Coffee
Culture Colors Green, Black and White Red, Black and White
Era/Time 14th Century Scots 10th Century Viking
Likes Animals are welcome Good company
Allergies/Medical Earring posts must be gold or surgical steel.  Allergic to creme/gel Benedryl.
Largess Their Highnesses joyfully welcome handcrafted items that can be gifted to members of the Populace and visiting Royals. If you would care to make something for this, please contact the Heirs’ Largesse Coordinator to find out what is needed. We would also appreciate prepaid gas cards which can be used to defray the cost of transporting the Royal Trailer.



King’s Champion Patrick O’Malley of Ulidia
Queen’s Champion – Armored Combat Sven Örfhendur
Queen’s Champion – Rapier Colwyn Stagghorn
Queen’s Champion -Youth Combat Maximillian of Caid
Queen’s Champion – A&S Éowyn Amberdrake
Queen’s Champion – Archery Jon Thomme de Claydon
Queen’s Champion – Thrown Weapons Bryan Gard Yale
Queen’s Champion – Equestrian Marco Solario
Queen’s Champion – Youth Archery Morgan Seaton