Wilhelm III and Tsyra II

Their Royal Highnesses Wilhelm III and Tsyra II

Gules, a sheaf of three lightning bolts Or surmounted by a boar statant argent, in base the Roman numeral XXIII Or. Per pale argent and gules, an Egyptian sphinx couchant and in chief four feathers counterchanged gules and Or, a bordure dovetailed sable.






Viscountess Lorissa du Griffin





Chief Lady In Waiting
To be announced





Captain of the Royal Guard
To be announced


Wilhelm Tsyra
Likes He likes Greek pottery, pottery and trim with geometric shapes, Triangles, Anything with an edge, and protein. Her favorite color is red and She enjoys Egyptian and natural wood pieces.
Dislikes He dislikes carbs and drama. She dislikes tomatoes, onions, and drama.
Other Notes
No food allergies for either of them or the kids. TRMs would like to keep it simple, Egyptian, Greek and Roman. Finger food no sit down meals please.



King’s Champion Sir William Ulfsson
Queen’s Champion – Armored Combat
Queen’s Champion – Rapier
Queen’s Champion -Youth Combat
Queen’s Champion – Unarmored
Queen’s Champion – Archery
Queen’s Champion – Thrown Weapons
Queen’s Champion – Equestrian