Ensure event is official

How to “Make it Official” and get an event on the Kingdom Calendar

Step 1: Bid
Groups interested in requesting an event should submit their bids to the Kingdom Seneschal and Kingdom Scheduler via email:
Kingdom Seneschal
Kingdom Scheduler

Step 2: Approval
Once approved, the Kingdom Scheduler will notify both the Crown Prints editor and the maintainer of the Online Calendar of the event and date.

Step 3: Publish details
Once approval is received from the Kingdom Scheduler, event stewards may then submit the event details to the Online Calendar and Crown Prints via email:
Online Calendar
Crown Prints
FB Events

Step 4: Follow-up
This is important! Follow up with both the Online Calendar and the Crown Prints to ensure the event gets published early enough to make it OFFICIAL.

For any questions about the process, please do not hesitate to contact the Scheduler.