Important Kingdom update RE: Our Regent

Esteemed Members of the Populace, and Honored Guests,

Last night (February 2-1-2018) the Great Officers of Caid met to select an interim regent as our Royals have abdicated their claim to the Throne without naming a Regent.   
All 7 Great Officers were present for the meeting, and participated in the vote.

Before proceeding with the selection process, I reminded ALL of the officers of our duty to protect the Kingdom, Society, and our people.  We must act in the best interest of those that we hold dear, and hold ourselves accountable for our own actions both online, and at events.

Since this is unprecedented for Caid and not thoroughly explained in our Kingdom Law, we proceeded by majority vote.
We decided by a vote of 4 to 3 to define the Regent as one person, and not a pair or couple.
We decided by a vote of 6 to 1 to allow the Regent to participate in an interim Crown Tournament if those so desired a tournament, and wanted to participate as either a combatant or a consort.
With the understanding that the Regent would not be involved with the running of the event, nor would they be involved with the approval process of those entering into said Crown.   In the case of Regent participation in the tournament, the Great Officers would approve all entrants into the interim Crown tournament .  

With the Board’s approval, the Regent would recognize members of the populace with Award of Arms ranked recognition only.   Grant level, or Patent level awards would not be allowed.
We considered 12 esteemed members of the populace of Caid.  With a 7 to 0 vote in favor, we have selected Duchess Faizeh Al-Zarqa.  

Duchess Faizeh will assume the Regent position on February 3rd.  We invite all members of the populace to come and bear witness.

An interim Crown Tournament, and coronation  will be scheduled on March 10th.  The victors will be elevated upon the tournament field.
They will reign until June 23rd, 2018.  
A 2nd Crown tournament will be held on March 11th to determine the heirs of Caid.   The Heirs will coronate on June 23rd.

Please congratulate Duchess Faizeh on her willingness to serve the Kingdom in our time of need.

In constant service to the dream,

Master Christian de Guerre, OP
MKA Christian Steen
Kingdom Seneschal of Caid