Welcome to the Caidan Marshallate.

Kingdom Earl Marshal
Sir Eronric of Devon



Deputy Kingdom Earl Marshal
Baron Rowen Killian, OP

Deputy Kingdom Earl Marshal
Sir Ketill Olafsson

Regional Earl Marshal – Western Seas
Baroness Uta Blackthorne, OP


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Recommended equipment for Marshals

Combat Handbooks, Forms, Waivers, and Published Policies.


Online Reporting

Marshal Quarterly Report Due Dates: March 1st, June 1st, September 1st, and December 1st.
Marshal Yearly Report Due Date: July 1st.
List Event Report Due Date: No Later then 2 weeks after event.
Grievance Please use this option if you have a grievance within the Marshalate.


Minister of Lists
THL Tierrynna CaerNarvon


Marshall Clerk

Marshal Clerk
THL Albert Torrington

All updates to the marshal database (for all forms), and waivers should be sent here.


Armored Combat

Deputy Kingdom Marshal for Combat Archery and Siege Warfare
Lady Ceolwynn of Galtris

Armored Combat Handbook -V9 – 2016


Deputy Kingdom Marshal for Equestrian
Duke Patrick O’Malley

*** NEW Equestrian Handbook *** 2/1/2017


Deputy Kingdom Marshal for Rapier
Master Oliver Dogberry

Changes to Rapier Rules Please use this link to see all changes to the current Rapier rules as we get ready to post a new manual.
NEW ** Rapier Handbook [PDF], Revised 2016

Target Archery

Deputy Kingdom Marshal for Archers
Baroness Katherine of Angelesy
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Thrown Weapons

Deputy Kingdom Marshal for Thrown Weapons
THL Nickolaus Phaistos

Thrown Weapons Manual V3 11/8/2015


Deputy Kingdom Marshal for Unarmored Combat
Duke Guillaume de Belgique

Youth Combat

Minister of Youth Combat
Baroness Arianne Lightheart of Whiteheld
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