A Royal Missive


Missive from January 28th, 2018

Today We gave a longer apology to the Laurel council. We were asked to publish that apology. It was made from the heart on the spot and can not be recreated. However, upon reflection Our previous apology does not say enough nor offer enough.

In no uncertain terms is it acceptable to wear a fylfot or any derivation thereof. We wish We could offer an explanation of our actions that was better than stupidity mixed with selfish arrogance. We understand that this has offended many of you; We are sorry for having done it. It should not be done. It should not be tolerated.

To all society members of the Jewish faith, people of color, and anyone else who has suffered at the hands of ignorance and hate, We are unable to find words strong enough in the English language to convey the proper apology. People’s dream was broken by Our actions. Though no cheap words can rebuild that broken dream, know that we will carry the shame of having done it to you for all of Our days.

Further, We are sorry that this may embolden people with hate in their hearts. We condemn in the strongest language possible any act of intolerance or hate.

To all of Our friends, who have come to Our defense, We thank you. However, We caution you, do not cause people further pain in your zeal to defend Us.

The trim created for Us will be cut off the garment and burned. There will be video evidence of this.

Going forward, anyone who shows up at an event in Caid wearing any symbol that is, overtly or any clear derivation of a fylfot, will be asked to leave. A proper law change will be discussed with the Kingdom and Society Seneschal.

Athanaric and Sigridr


Missive from January 25th, 2018

Greetings Caid

Sometimes you get so exited about something you downplay or ignore the negatives. In this case we have done so and have hurt some members of the populace. We got very exited about a piece of very complex historical art and making an extremely accurate presentation and felt the differences to modern interpretations would be sufficient and that everyone would agree with us. We were wrong. For this we apologize. Know that no offense was intended, no hidden message to interpret, and no hate to be displayed. For any communities hurt we are sorry to have caused you pain.

The art created will not be further displayed upon the throne.