Local Wars



Great Western War  GWW

Sponsored by:  Kingdom of Caid
Usually held: around October 8 – 14
Always held to end on Columbus Day in October
Location: Bakersfield, CA


Portrero War 

Sponsored by:  Barony of Calafia
Usually held:  around May 24-28
Location:  Portrero, CA   


Red Star Rapier War

Sponsored by: Barony of Wintermist
Usually held:  around April 6-8
Location:  Bakersfield, CA


Highland War 

Sponsored by: Shire of Al-Sahid
Usually held:   around August 31 – September 4
Location:  Victorville, CA 




Gulf War

Sponsored by:  the Kingdoms of Ansteorra and Trimaris
Usually held:around March 10 – 18
Location: Mississippi 


 Lillies War

Sponsored by: Kingdom of Calotir
Usually held: around June 8 – 17
Location:  Missouri


Pennsic War  

Sponsored by:  Kingdom of the East
Usually held: around July 27 – August 6
Location:  Pennsylvania


West / An-Tir War  

Sponsored by:  Kingdom of the West and Kingdom of An-Tir
Usually held: around July 4-8
Location: Oregon              




Treasure Chest War 

Sponsored by: The Barony of Nordwache
Usually held: around April 26 – 28
Location: Fresno, CA 

Angels Melee

Sponsored by: The Barony of Angels
Usually held: around January 16
Location: Monrovia, CA 

Kings Hunt 

Sponsored by: Shire of Carreg Wen
Usually held: around February 23 – 25
Location: Santa Barbara, CA