Award Recommendations


One of the greatest joys of the Crown is the opportunity to give awards to the
deserving populace and your input is needed for the Royalty to be able to recognize
those individuals who have given of themselves for the good of the Society.

There are three myths to dispel about award recomendations
1) You do not need to be a member of the SCA to recommend someone for an award.
2) You do not have to have an award to recommend someone else for it.
3) You may recommend someone close to you for an award. After all, who knows more
about what that person is doing?

Award recommendations are broken down into several areas based on requirements
and who must be informed. To recommend someone for an award, select the award
from the list below. For other important tips, click HERE!

The Order of Chivalry
The Order of Laurel
The Order of the Pelican
The Order of Defense

The Vanguard of Honor
The Order of the Golden Lance
The Order of Chiron

All Other Awards

Remember, when writing recommendations keep this in mind:
Do a little homework – Make sure the person does not already have the award you are
recommending them for.
Be specific – State what a person did at which event and how long they’ve been doing it
and list prizes and honors they have won.