Getting Started

Join the Newcomers’ Guild

If you’re here, you’ve probably already taken the first step.


Become a member of the SCA

Then you will get a subscription to the monthly Crown Prints (the kingdom newsletter) and the SCA newsletter the Tournaments Illuminated. You can also subscribe to your local newsletter


Get a copy of the “Knowne World Handbook

Though somewhat regional, this is the primary source of the SCA rules of etiquette, political structure, guidelines for costumes, fighting, arts and many other aspects of life in the SCA.


Make a Costume

The SCA is first and foremost a participatory group. You are free to observe an event in everyday clothing but to feel a part of the event you will need at least a simple costume.


Join a Guild

The SCA is a social group. We stay not just because of a love of history, but for the friendships we forge. We begin the friendships by seeing people with similar interests on a regular basis. Most guilds meet either weekly or monthly. The Guild heads will be glad to let you know their schedule


Go to Events

The magic of the SCA happens at events. If you don’t go to events you miss the end result of your efforts and the efforts of your friends. Events occur all over Southern California every weekend. Car pooling will make it easy to get to know new people. If you have a distance to go and need a place to “crash” for the night, contact the Chatelaine in the area to which you are traveling. They can point you in the direction of someone willing to share a spare bedroom, couch or floor.



In volunteer organizations this is a must to keep things running. Once you show you are willing to volunteer people will seek you out. Some of your best friends are found this way and it will give you an opportunity to feel a part of things rather than just a spectator.


Talk to People

We joined the SCA to give us something to do rather than watch TV and work in the yard. People in the Middle Ages talked. SCA folk are the same way. Asking questions can often provide unlimited conversation. Approach someone who doesn’t seem to be dressing, building their pavilion, or in a private conversation and you may have an entire afternoon’s discussion on your hands.


Be Fiscally Responsible

This group can be as expensive or “cost effective” as you make it. Before spending your hard earned money on materials or gear, talk to someone who has what you are making. They can often help you find the best source for both quality and price. If someone made it, they had to get the “stuff” somewhere.


Things to Avoid

You may be tempted to join a household or attach yourself to a group right away. If you do this, you may find out later that their goals are not your own. Maybe they are studying an area of history or a culture in which you are not really interested. By going to Newcomers’ Guild and taking your time, you can often find a group that really suits your purpose. If not, you don’t have to join any household. Many in our group are “free-floaters” who have friends from many groups. Don’t decide on a name and device until you are really sure it’s what you want. Test it out with your friends and see if the name is one to which you will actually answer and the device is one that actually suits you.


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