King Valrik MacIan and Queen Drada de Variis

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Royal Progress

Calafia Winter Arts4-Dec-21YesYes
Coronation (Nordwache)8-Jan-22YesYes
Privy Council (Nordwache)9-Jan-22YesYes
Un-Modified Rapier Tournament (Calafia)15-Jan-22yesno
Consort’s Champion Marshal (Altavia)22-Jan-22yesYes
Consort’s Champion Ranged (Lyondemere)23-Jan-22maybeYes
Gyldenholt UnBelted29-Jan-22yesyes
Festival of the Rose (Dreiburgen)5-Feb-22yesYes
Pelican Meeting6-Feb-22yesYes
Wintermist Rapier War18-Feb-22NoYes
Tanwayour Anniversary (Canton of Calafia)26-Feb-22YesYes
Crown Tournament (Naevenhjem)5-Mar-22YesYes
Gulf WarsMar, 12-20, 2022yesyes
Queen’s Champion Equestrian (Calafia)26-Mar-22NoNo
Dun Or Anniversary2-Apr-22Yesno
Pentathalon (Wintermist)April 9-10noyes
Al-Sahid Anniversary16-Apr-22NoYes
Starkhafn Anniversary23-Apr-22yesyes
Nordwache AnniversaryApril 29, 30 May 1noyes
Lyondemere Art and Archery30-Apr-22NoNo
Darach Anniversary7-May-22NoNo
Summergate Anniversary7-May-22No


Altavia Anniversary

Wintermist Anniversary







Potrero WarMay 26 – May 29yesyes
Gyldenholt Anniversary4-Jun-22yesyes
Carreg Wen Anniversary18-Jun-22YesNo
St. Corrigan’s “Day” (Dreiburgen)June 18-19NoYes
Lyondemere Anniversary25-Jun-22yesyes
Coronation (Gyldenholt)9-Jul-22YesYes


Duchess Bridget Lucia Mackenzie

Sir Kuma

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Chief Lady in Waiting – Sorcha Fraser

Guard Captain – THL Magnus of Corvus

Preferences & Wishes 


Persona:  Valrik has lived many lives:

1) 420 AD British soldier serving in the legions who were left behind in Britain when the majority of the legions were taken to Gaul by Constantine III in 410.

2) Rus landed warrior in early 800s

3) Kurdish caravan guard in Holy Land 1100s

4) Macedonian/Ephesian naval officer serving Ptolemy I after the death of Alexander.

Colors:  Red, White, Gold in garb, he like rich earth tones and jewel tones layered on them. Pastels are tricky, you got to wow him for him to wear pastels!

Hoping:  Late Roman Tunics & Pants, Rus Kaftans (silk, block printed)-under tunics and over tunics.  Macedonian/Greek Chitons and miscellaneous gear to fill out my kit (hats, socks, riding pants).  I am fond of tunics that have painted or embroidered cuffs, neck lines, hems, something that works with the overall outfit but adds some cultural flair (i.e. the border on a Greek chiton, accompanied with some images around neckline)

Other Interests:  He is interested in garb (including small clothes, headwear, socks, mittens), accoutrements, jewelry revolving around the 4 different personas listed above.  He really appreciates hand crafted leather work, weaving, painting, things that are expertly crafted but not always perfectly symmetrical. The beauty is in the hand-made.


Prefer — He usually eats a keto friendly diet, so all meat types, charcuterie, almost any cheese unless it can clear a room, green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, cucumbers, cruciferous vegetables that are cooked.  Nuts, yes! He does not eat carbs very often but he will rarely turn down a small fresh baked scone.

No Thank You – alot of sweets, bread/carb heavy dishes, junk food, Raw Walnuts.


Prefer —Water, Mineral Water, Coffee (unsweetened with cream or milk, or black is fine) Vodka, Red Wine, Dry White Wine,

No Thank You — Sodas, Sweet Wines, Sweet Liqueurs

Allergies — Humorless Individuals (besides, that none)


Persona: Daughter of a wealthy Italian and Spanish couple. She ran away from the life she was supposed to have for one she wanted. And now she travels the trade routes through cities and towns, enjoying life. In her travels, Drada appreciates the garb of Viking and Kievan Rus, as well as ancient civilizations of the classical period:, Roman, Greek, Scythian and Egyptian.

Favorite colors are red, black, orange and green. Not pink, nor leopard print

Hoping for: Knockdown lay-flat furniture for her new period pavilion. Garb- Slavic, Persian, Turkish, Greek, Roman, Viking, Kievan Rus, Venetian, Tudor, she open to anything!

Some nice period shoes would be great. Hair jewelry, necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings to accessorize her garb.

Nice sturdy feast gear for dinner situations.

Loves natural products and sustainable, reusable items. Owl and Snake images in SCA usage, like garb and furnishings.

Drada keeps bees, so she does not need more honey, beeswax or anything bee-product affiliated.


Prefer: charcuterie, lamb, vegetarian food, Mediterranean is usually a safe bet. Fruit, veggies, nuts(not walnuts) to snack on

No Thank You: chicken (or any poultry), turkey, ham, sausage. Any uncooked meat. Walnuts


Prefer: water, Coke zero, coffee, tea and tea non-dairy lattes (oat and soy milk are easy on the tummy!) Spirited beverages: gin and tonic with lime, red wine.

No Thank You: margaritas or mead

Allergies: wool, witch hazel, milk sensitivity