Youth Marshal Handbook Errata

Youth Marshal Handbook Errata

Errata for the May 2019 Caid Youth Marshal Handbook, these rulings override the published version.

Face thrusts
Allowable in Division 3, Tournament combat only, with Youth Marshal in Charge’s approval of the combatant’s skill and safety.

Other thrusting targets – thrusting allowed in divisions 2 and 3.

Weapons standards – Thrusting as appropriate to the division.
Comment – this is still more restrictive than SCA standards for Youth Combat, I know we can make this safe.

Target Locations – as per SCA standards.
Comment – Foam weapons are not finesse weapons, if it happens to land in an SCA legal target zone, it is still good. If someone has the skill, or is unlucky enough, to repeatedly target the groin they need to be talked to.

Shields – as per SCA standards.
With a ‘for Caid’ suggestion of – For kite and heater type shields, a maximum size of shoulder to shoulder, chin to knee. For round shields the maximum diameter is the distance between elbow points when your hands are in fists and touching.
Comment – there was an old An Tir standard for Adult Armored shields that was eventually abandoned as unworkable and restrictive. This is a modification of that and is a relatively reasonable suggestion for tournament combat, but not a hard rule. Marshal’s discretion.

Rattan – as per SCA standards.
Comment – HDPE (PEX) is specifically mentioned as being excessively flexible under two handed weapons (X.C.2). At 3/4 of an inch, minimum diameter rattan is not notably less flexible than 1″ HDPE (PEX).