Earl Marshal Publications


These are the official documents of the Earl Marshal of Caid.
Rules announced, but not officially signed will appear here.



Authorization Form [PDF] The authorization form for use in all combat disciplines
Waivers [ZIP],                      All waivers for adults and minors
Fighter Card Images [ZIP], This is a zip file that contains the front and back images for                                               the fighter authorization cards. Must be printed on                                                             white stock.

Armored Combat

Armor Combat Handbook V9a [PDF]


Equestrian Handbook [PDF]
Adult Equestrian Waiver [PDF]


Lists Handbook [PDF]COMING SOON
Lists Forms [ZIP]


Rapier Handbook [PDF]
CAID Spear Rules [DOC]
Rapier Marshals Test [PDF]
Rapier Marshal-In-Training Form [PDF]

Target Archery

Target Archery Handbook [PDF]
Target Archery Authorization Checklist [PDF]

Thrown Weapons

Thrown Weapons Handbook 2.0 [PDF]

Unarmored Combat

Unarmored Combat Handbook 2.0 [PDF]
Unarmored Combat Authorization Checklist [PDF]

Youth Combat

Youth Combat Handbook May 2019 [PDF]
Youth Combat Authorization Checklist [PDF]